2014 F1 Car Designs Myth: Why Red Bulls is Worrying About This 2014 New Rules?

Posted on 06 December 2013

2014 F1 Car Designs

2014 F1 Car Designs

2014 F1 Car Designs. The buzz in the Formula One world is about the new car design specifications and engine changes. You too have heard it, right – the allegations and tall claims from rival fans?

While speculations mount about the possible advantages and disadvantages of the new designs, all top designers are unanimous about one thing: that the new design specs are going to make the vehicles ugly-looking.

Red Bull concerns

Adrian Newey, the star designer and chief technical officer of Red Bull Racing, has admitted that the new design will not be pleasing to the eye. Two specific changes that are going to deface the aesthetic 2014 F1 car designs are criteria regarding nose and chassis height.

According to the new rules, chassis height must be a minimum of 525 mm, which is higher than the previous year’s limit. On the other hand, nose tip must be lower than the previous year’s. The nose tip has to be at a maximum height of 185 mm.

These two specs are likely to affect the frontal appearance of the vehicle. Still, the ugly design may not be the only thing that worries the Red Bull honcho.

Power train weaknesses

The engine specifications have called for energy-efficient power train. The new system should create power from the heat produced from the engine too. It is good for energy conservation. But it could challenge the current dominance of the Red Bull vehicle.

This is could be a more serious concern for Red Bull regarding the 2014 F1 car designs. They do not mind being ugly, as far as they win the titles.

Which one is uglier for you – Sebastian Vettel winning again and again without any challenge or an ugly-looking RB10?

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2014 F1 Car Designs Myth: Why Red Bulls is Worrying About This 2014 New Rules?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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