F1 Tyre Test 2014 Date, Locations and Live Stream Info

Posted on 26 December 2013

F1 Tyre Test 2014

F1 Tyre Test 2014

F1 Tyre Test 2014. The first major F1 tyre test 2014 in Bahrain ended with an accident and blown-up tyres. Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg suffered what can be called a tyre malfunction, but escaped from the high-speed accident without any injuries. If you think it will set alarm bells ringing, especially amidst the news of new engine specification changes, you are wrong.

‘Unofficial’ Bahrain testing

The Bahrain testing was unofficial. For a start, the 2013 vehicles – those with the old engine specifications – were used for testing. Second, Pirelli, the tyre manufacturers, have issued a statement that different prototypes were brought into Bahrain for testing. And one of the tyre prototypes caused the accident. They have issued a statement that the said prototype was abandoned immediately and investigation was going on to find the accident’s cause.

Official tests

So, if this was unofficial, when will the official testing take place? Well, the short answer is, in about a month’s time. The first test will be at Jerez, Spain, on January 28-31. And the second and third tests will be in Bahrain on February 19-22 and February 27-March 2, respectively.

From next season onwards, tyres can be tested during the season. The in-season tyre testing is scheduled on the following venues, on Tuesday and Wednesday after the race weekends: Bahrain (race day: April 6), Barcelona (race day: May 11), Silverstone (race day: July 6) and Abu Dhabi (race day: October 26).

Gerez testing

As of now, teams are racing against time to make their vehicles ready for the Gerez testing. It will give an indication of where the teams stand in terms of their preparation and how good are their vehicles. Live streaming will be available if you want to gauge the trend all by yourself. Get ready for the F1 action in January.

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