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Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 Dates, Live Streaming, Tickets & Hotel Discounts Info [6 April 2014]

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Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

Bahrain Grand Prix 2014. Do you know what is new in Bahrain Grand Prix 2014? It’s going to be a night race. The Bahrain Grand Prix organizers are planning this as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of F1 racing in the tiny Arab country. As of now, only Singapore Grand Prix has night racing facility. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix starts in the evening, but finishes usually in the night.

Race details

It will be the third race of the season. The teams and fans will have a good idea about the vehicles and drivers by that time. The race will be held on April 4-6. The surround air will be much cooler than in previous years, as temperature drops drastically in deserts on nightfall.

F1 2014 tickets sales have started. If you want to watch the exciting spectacle of night racing in a desert, never let the chance go.

Racing stars

Fernando Alonso has a great record in Bahrain, having won the event thrice. But the last two years have been Sebastian Vettel’s. He will be looking forward to a hat-trick of wins. The other usual suspects, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen, too would be looking to halt Vettel’s dominance.

The drivers will be damn tired coming into Bahrain Grand Prix 2014 straight from Malaysia. Hardly a week separates Malaysian and Bahrain races. It would be a test of endurance for everybody: drivers, team management, crew members and the vehicles.

Live streaming

Those who cannot go the venue can watch F1 live stream online from anywhere in the world. Don’t miss it.

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Malaysian Grand Prix 2014 Dates, Live Streaming, Tickets & Hotel Discounts Info [30 March 2014]

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Malaysian Grand Prix 2014

Malaysian Grand Prix 2014

Malaysian Grand Prix 2014. Which race of 2013 Formula One season that you remember the most? That infamous one in which Sebastian Vettel defied team orders to overtake his teammate Mark Webber to win the race?

That was Malaysian Grand Prix, which provided perhaps the only talking point of an otherwise dull season.

So, what is in store for Malaysian Grand Prix 2014? Can a junior driver from Red Bull overtake Vettel, in a delightful irony? Will the Ferrari heavyweights, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen, try to do to each other what Vettel did to Webber? Watch F1 live stream online to find these things and much more on March 28-30.

Circuit info

All drivers would agree that the Sepang circuit is the most complicated circuit that requires top class technical acumen. This is a delight for natural racers too, as the wide tracks offer plenty of room for overtaking. Sepang has always witnessed thrilling races. It is unlikely to change this year, with Red Bull being determined to extend its supremacy and the rest being desperate to end it.

Track favorites

Based on the last season’s form, Vettel is likely to start the perennial favorite for throughout the new season, let alone for Malaysian Grand Prix 2014. Two things might change that: Mercedes’ supposedly superior vehicle and Ferrari’s terrific combination of Alonso and Räikkönen.

Watching the race

For those who love to travel, this is perfect time for mixing your wander lust with the passion for F1. Malaysia is a wonderful place, whether you are looking for urban splendor or rural charm.

The Sepang circuit is one of the best in terms of spectator comfort and facilities. Book F1 2014 tickets if you are planning to go and watch F1 live stream online here.

And share your experience with us once you are through.




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Australian Grand Prix 2014 Dates, Live Streaming, Tickets & Hotel Discounts Info [16 March 2014]

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Australian Grand Prix 2014

Australian Grand Prix 2014

Australian Grand Prix 2014. Have you ever noticed that for many sports, A is for Australia? The first tennis grand slam event is the Australian Open, and the season opening F1 race is Australian Grand Prix.

Well, the Australian Grand Prix 2014 is scheduled on March 14-16. Everybody hopes it will be far more exciting season than the last one.

Event info

No other venue would grudge Melbourne for having the honor of hosting the inaugural race. There will be festive atmosphere in the stands. The Albert Park circuit is one of the prettiest in the world. Plus, it generally produces exciting races. Remember, it is one of the rare races that Sebastian Vettel did not win in 2013.

Race favorites

The current champion Kimi Räikkönen is a firm favorite. He will be a driving a Ferrari. So will Fernando Alonso. Lewis Hamilton too will be looking forward to a great start with a new vehicle. However, the hottest favorite will be Vettel and his brand new Red Bull.

How to watch

The Australian Grand Prix 2014 will give you a clear idea of how the new vehicles are going to behave – remember, F1 has a new set of engine specifications in 2014.

So, how are going to watch? If you are planning a vacation Australia, go grab F1 2014 Tickets. Or, you have the easier option of watching the live streaming on the internet. You can watch F1 live stream online here.

Before that, however, do tell us who is your favorite to win the race.

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