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Formula 1 Live Streaming 2013 | Car Racing F1 Formula Live Stream, Date, News & Tickets Information

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Brazilian Grand Prix 2013 Dates, Live Stream Info, Tickets and Venue

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Brazilian Grand Prix 2013

Brazilian Grand Prix 2013

Brazilian Grand Prix 2013. This is the final grand prix of the year. This is your final chance to boo Sebastian Vettel in 2013. More importantly, this could be the occasion you can applaud and honour the young German.

Detractors keep saying their excuses. The truth remains is that you cannot win Formula One crown with three races to spare, unless you are a legend.

Welcome to Brazilian Grand Prix 2013. The race will mark the end of an utterly predictable – some would say boring – F1 season. Vettel, with his terrific Red Bull car, dominated the season as if he is Formula One’s Genghis  Khan. Can he finish with a win?

Who will win at Brazil

His record in Brazil is not that impressive. He has won here only once – in 2010. His teammate Mark Webber has won here twice. If you are an emotional person, you would want Webber to win his third race at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Polo. He is going to bid adieu to F1 after this race.

The crowd will support the local boy and now a sentimental favourite Felipe Massa. He will be leaving Ferrari after this race. His racing career in itself is marred by question marks over form and temperament. For a boy who was groomed to become the next Ayrton Senna, this is like a premature end to a budding career.

Two modern-day stalwarts – Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso – have never won at Interlagos. Perhaps they do not like the high altitude at Sao Polo and the surroundings that comprise many residential buildings and even slums.

For Vettel, though, it will be yet another season well completed regardless of whether he wins Brazilian Grand Prix 2013 or not.


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United States Grand Prix 2013 Tickets, Venue and Live Stream Information

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United States Grand Prix 2013

United States Grand Prix 2013

United States Grand Prix 2013. Who will watch Formula One races these days?

Particularly after Sebastian Vettel settled the title equations of the year in India last month. Isn’t it boring to watch one man winning again and again? Better play some computer games. Well, you probably miss the context here.

Record beckon

In the United States Grand Prix 2013, at the grandly named The Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Vettel will be competing against the legends of the Formula One history. He has won seven races in a row, with the win at the last week’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix being the seventh.

Overall he has 11 wins in the season. With a win in the United States Grand Prix 2013 he can overtake Michael Schumacher’s 2004 record of seven straight wins.

If he wins in Austin and then wins in Brazil too in the season-ending grand-prix, he will equal two records with one stone. That will take him level with Schumacher’s record of 13 wins in a season. In addition, he will have nine straight wins.

Racing with the dead

This particular record is one of the longest-standing feats in Formula One history.

Alberto Ascari, who was killed in a racing accident in 1955 (his father, Antonio Ascari, too was killed in an accident while racing), holds the record of nine straight wins in Formula One history, which he set in 1953.

Vettel can equal the record of the legendary racer if he keeps doing what he has been doing for the past few months.

In a way, Vettel is now competing with dead after having conquered all those who come in his way.

Aren’t you interested to see whether Vettel race into the chequered flag of the hall of fame of the Formula One?

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Live Streaming 2013: Who Shall Win This?

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Live Streaming 2013

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Live Streaming 2013

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Live Streaming 2013. You may be a paragon of Formula One knowledge or a new kid on the F1 block. Whoever you are, you will be enthralled by Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

If you are of the first kind, you don’t need any introduction to the Yas Marina Circuit, where the race is held. It is a thing of beauty and perfection.

The circuit has the longest straight for any F1 track. Plus, it has a number of tricky corners and curves.

A particular stretch of the circuit is designed like a street circuit. Above all, it is a day-night race, aided by some of the massive floodlights in the sporting world. You really can’t afford to miss Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Live Streaming 2013.

More about Yas Marina

The circuit is in the tourist-friendly Yas Island and is near a marina. The waterfront racing at night is a spectacular sight to behold. The circuit is 5.554 km long. Racers have to cover a distance of 305.47 in 55 laps.

Who shall win?

In the four races held in the circuit so far, Sebastian Vettel has won two, and Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton have won one apiece.

Among these drivers, Vettel should be the hottest favorite. The others in contention are Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg.

Whoever wins, it won’t make much change in the title equations as Vettel is comfortably ahead.

However, those who watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Live Streaming 2013 would want a thrilling race in the grand setting of the Yas Marina.

You really want someone other than Vettel to win it, don’t you?

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Indian Grand Prix 2013 Tickets, Dates and Live Streaming Info

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Indian Grand Prix 2013

Indian Grand Prix 2013

Ready to watch Indian Grand Prix 2013 live?

Hi there! Do you know that Indian Grand Prix could be withdrawn after this year? It’s not part of FIA’s 2014 schedule. There are talks that the race could return in 2015, possibly early in the season. No guarantee for it, though.

If you love to watch racing at the modern Buddh International Circuit in New Delhi, don’t miss Indian Grand Prix 2013. This could be your final chance to watch the race here.

The race is on October 25-27. Ticket sales have started. By any chance you miss the race or don’t get tickets, do come back here. We’ll have live streaming info ready.

Who is going to win?

Is this question relevant anymore? Sebastian Vettel is winning all the races, whether you like it or not. In the last three months – July, August, and September – Vettel has won all the races except the one at Hungary.

No other driver has won the Indian Grand Prix, which was started in 2011. Vettel won in 2011 and 2012. Can he make it a hat-trick of wins? He certainly can.

He looks invincible in his Red Bull vehicle, whether it’s India, Germany or even in Ferrari’s own Italy.

What about others?

We have no disrespect for others. In fact, we rate Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen higher than Vettel in terms of racing skills and spirit. However, driver’s ability is not the only thing that matters in Formula One.

The vehicle, the team and so many other factors play a part. Can Alonso and Räikkönen overcome their constraints in Indian Grand Prix 2013?

What do you think?

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EXCITING F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013 Live Stream, Tickets, Date & Location Review

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F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013

F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013

F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013. Japanese Grand Prix was traditionally an end-of-the-season race where a number of F1 crowns have been decided. It is no longer the last race of season – Brazilian Grand Prix has that honor now. Still, F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013 could well decide the winner of this season.

The momentum at which Sebastian Vettel is gathering points suggests that by the time Japanese Grand Prix finishes he could establish an invincible lead over the other contenders.

The Suzuka Circuit

Vettel will have to deal with the vagaries of the legendary Suzuka circuit first on October 13. With its unique elongated figure-of-eight lay-out that accommodates some of the most difficult curves in the Formula One world, the circuit never lets any one to take anything for granted.

The famous automobile manufacturer, Honda, who built the circuit in 1962 as a test drive facility, religiously safe-guards the aura surrounding the circuit.

The race track is 5.807 km long. Racers cover a distance of 307.573 km through 53 laps in just about 90 minutes. Vettel has set the fastest lap here.

A history of champion winners

A number of Formula One greats have won at Suzuka. Michael Schumacher leads the way with a record six victories here. His compatriot Vettel is fast catching up with three wins.

Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill, Mika Häkkinen and Fernando Alonso are some of the other Formula One greats who have tasted multiple wins at Japan.


The safest bet for F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013 is Vettel.

He has won here thrice in last four years. However, the Suzuka track always offers the true racing drivers something to work with.

By that logic, Kimi Räikkönen or Nico Rosberg might emerge victorious too.

EXCITING F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2013 Live Stream, Tickets, Date & Location Review


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AMAZING F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013 Live Streaming, Date, Location and Tickets Info

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F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013

F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013

F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013. The Korean Grand Prix is part of Formula One’s recent Asian spring, which saw Abu Dhabi  and India, apart from South Korea, hosting an F1 race.

The Korean International Circuit in South Jeolla region, a picturesque rural region about 370 km away from the country’s capital, Seoul, is all set to host the race on October 6.

The ticket sales have started. It is a nice place to spend a vacation, boasting of lush green agricultural fields, pristine beachfronts, and historic Budhist temples.

Those who cannot make it to the F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013 can enjoy live streaming of the race.

History of a three-year old

The race is just three years old. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso won the inaugural race in 2010. The next two years have been Sebastian Vettel’s. It would not be a surprise if Vettel manages a hat-trick of wins here. The circuit has several stretches for overtaking, which suits Vettel and the Red Bull vehicle well.

Circuit: An amalgam of the best features

The racetrack at the Korean International Circuit has a total length of 5.615 km, in which racers have to cover a distance of 308.825 km in 55 laps.

It is a rare anti-clockwise circuit, studded with slow turns, difficult corners, and some straight stretches suitable for overtaking.

Hermann Tilke, the renowned racing track architect, designed the track seemingly borrowing the good aspects of the well-known racing tracks from all over the world.

A particular stretch of the racetrack is designed like a street circuit, a la Singapore. Another part passes through a harbor, like Monaco.

Racing scenario: Catching up with Vettel

There will be only five races left in the season after the F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013. Vettel has already established a near unassailable lead at the top.

Korean Grand Prix perhaps represents the final chance for Alonso and co. to attempt a fairytale comeback.

At the moment, it looks like Vettel is having a fairytale dream.

AMAZING F1 Korean Grand Prix 2013 Live Streaming, Date, Location and Tickets Info


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EXCITING September 2013 F1 Month Features: F1 Italy 2013 + F1 Singapore 2013

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F1 Italy 2013 F1 Singapore 2013F1 Italy 2013 F1 Singapore 2013

F1 Italy 2013 F1 Singapore 2013

F1 Italy 2013 F1 Singapore 2013.  September in Formula One calendar usually denotes the beginning of the end. Two-thirds of the races would be over by this time. If a racer has established substantial lead over his rivals, more often than not, he will be crowned the eventual champion. And September has two of the best races of the season: Ferrari’s home race, the Italian Grand Prix and Formula One’s only night racing at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The title hunters

As it happened, Sebastian Vettel has established a substantial lead of 48 points over his nearest rival, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. The third-placed Lewis Hamilton, who is gearing up for a late challenge, is 58 points behind. Renault’s Kimi Räikkönen, at the fourth position, appears to have been given up on title hopes.

September could be the decisive month. If Vettel can retain or extend the current margin of his lead, the Formula One crown would be well and truly his. For the contenders, the F1 Italy 2013 F1 Singapore 2013 races represent their last chance to stage a comeback.

Italian Grand Prix

Alonso must be dying to win this race for two reasons. First, this is the prestigious home race for Ferrari. Second, a win would take Alonso closer to Vettel in points tally.

Perhaps his biggest concern may not be about Vettel; instead, it could be about Hamilton, who has a sterling record at Monza.

Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore at September offers the fabulous spectacle of night-time street racing. There is nothing like this in any of the other hallowed racing courses of Formula One.

To sum up, this September could make the Formula One season livelier, particularly if any of the contenders win the double whammy of the F1 Italy 2013 F1 Singapore 2013 races.

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Formula 1 Canada 2013 Match Preview [Very Exciting 9 June 2013]

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Formula 1 Canada 2013 Match Preview

Formula 1 Canada 2013 Match Preview

Formula 1 Canada 2013 Match Preview. The reigning world champion and leader of the current Formula One season Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull starts from the pole at the Canadian Grand Prix. The race will start a few hours from now at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal. Steaming in from just behind him will be Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who won the Canadian Grand Prix last year. Some of the other major rivals start further back. Nico Rosberg at fourth, Fernando Alonso is at sixth and Kimi Raikinnon at 10th. And his coldest rival, his own team-mate Mark Webber, will be at fifth.

Red Bull is not bullish at Montreal

As many Formula 1 Canada 2013 match preview articles suggest, none of this would give the usual confidence to Vettel though. For all their recent glory, Red Bull has not won a title at Montreal. While this year offers a good chance, with Vettel being at the pole and some other favorites lagging further behind, history does not suggest good returns. Vettel started from the pole last year too, only to watch Hamilton sped past the chequered flag from the fourth position. He would be also aware of the fact that only in 14 races (out of the total 33 races) have the drivers starting from the pole gone on to win the race in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Why Vettel will feel heat at wet track

If recent form is any indication, Nico Rosberg should challenge Vettel the most. While he finished the Spanish Grand Prix at sixth, he has won the more difficult Monaco Grand Prix. However, a significantly more number of punters will favor his Mercedes teammate, Lewis Hamilton, than him. Hamilton has won the race three times in the last six years – one in every alternate race. However, he is still searching for the first win of the season.

Fernando Alonso, a mass favorite of many a Formula 1 Canada 2013 match preview, is another one who will relish the wet, challenging conditions at Montreal. He will know at the back of his mind that he cannot afford to allow Vettel to expand the lead any further. He is currently at the third position, 29 points behind Vettel. The same applies for the second-placed Raikinnon too. The lowest starting position for a winner at Montreal Grand Prix is 10th. Raikkinon, incidentally, starts from the 10th position.


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F1 TV coverage USA 2013: Wide Choice + Great Coverage

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 F1 TV coverage USA 2013

F1 TV coverage USA 2013

F1 TV coverage USA 2013.The US TV coverage of Formula One Grand Prix has seen a change of guard this year. For the last 15 years, Speed Network, owned by Fox media group, had been airing the live feed of Formula One races. The coverage often extended to three days: speed trials, qualifying races and race day. The events were broadcasted in other Fox TV networks as well, when timings were convenient. All these have changed with the new F1 TV coverage USA 2013.

New wroom-casters

From this year onwards, NBC Sports Channel is going to broadcast Formula One Grand Prix events. Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) chooses the broadcasters of F1 events in all countries. This year, Speed fell out of favour with FIA. It is believed that NBC group has outbid Speed’s offer to secure the lucrative rights of F1 broadcasting.

The program format remains almost the same as that in Speed: three days of broadcasting, with an expert panel in the studio plus an onsite reporter.  Most of the races will be telecasted in NBC Sports Channel. Four races, the Canadian Grand Prix and the final three races, will be available in NBC Channel too, which is a free to air channel. If scheduling problems persist, channel insiders have hinted, some of the races will be shown in the financial network, CNBC.

Old wine in new bottle

While the channel that broadcasts the race has changed, the content is most likely to remain the same. The visual feed for all Formula One races is provided by a group known as Formula One Management (FOM). The broadcasting corporations will have their own commentary teams. The NBC commentary team comprises mostly of the same commentators that appeared on Speed.

Will Buxton, who has been shifted to NBC from Speed, is still the onsite reporter for the programs. Two more familiar faces, former racer David Hobbs and mechanical analyst Steve Matchett, also are on the NBC F1 programs. Leigh Diffey, who worked for Speed in the early 2000s, completes the F1 booth of NBC.

Another option

F1 TV coverage USA 2013 also includes the exclusive Spanish language coverage through Univision Deportes Network.

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F1 China Grand Prix Highlight 2012-2013 [Just Amazing]

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The China Shanghai Grand Prix F1 track is futuristic, with amazing sweeping curves and very long straights, with hairpin turns, making China Grand Prix one of the Most Exiting F1 match.

This year, there is no different, it will be more exciting, where each F1 team look so close with each other, where we can’t even see a sign of who is the Champions favored, just yet!

[Nice Mixed of Video Highlights] F1 China Grand Prix Highlight 2012-2013 below

With a population over 13 millions, China F1 will definitely attract a lot of Formula Fanatics from over the cities from China alone, not to mention fans from all over the world.

I think Red Bull will be pretty mighty if the tyres don’t chew themselves, especially in the middle sector, after all they’ve also won and taken poles there before like Mercedes.

Hope you enjoy the video highlights, be sure to leave down your comment below.

Credit to TheSyskaProductions.


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